Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween Tango PartY Nada Mas @ Aro Palace - vineri, 29 octombrie 2010

Va invitam sa va lasati invaluiti de zambete, veselia si bucuria culorilor, a mastilor, accesorilor de odinioara si mai ales de... mister!

Cea mai 'cool' creatie va fi premiata!!!

  • vineri, 29 octombrie 2010, de la ora 8pm
  • Hotel Aro Palace, Salonul Alb
  • TOTI, bineinteles!

Va asteptam cu drag!
Studio Tango Nada Mas :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Transylvania Tango Fest 2010 - three's a charm, four's e team - review

TTF 2010 has been over for almost two weeks now, but the feeling that stays with me is like being in love... It's like I fell in love and he left and I miss him... Only it's not about a guy, it's about the people, the atmosphere, the energy - the whole event.
This third edition tops all previous, so I could say three's a charm :)

It all began with the 2 Guerilla Milongas in Piata Sfatului, Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th of July... Oh, man! :-D We enjoyed it so much, that instead of staying out half an hour, we danced an hour and a half :)) And on Friday, when we got there at the established hour, people were already waiting for us, to see us dance, to enjoy it with us... It was an exceptional feeling!!

Of course you can see all the pictures from the Guerilla Milongas!

Guerilla Milongas in TTF 2010 by Studio Tango Nada Mas

All I can say is that this festival's teachers were absolutely great! I mean, I am no expert at all! I am perfectly aware that I have so many things yet to learn. Still, from my short experience in tango, I can say that I have not - so far - met a leader such as Ronen. He can teach you how to tango just by dancing with you... if you know how to listen :) He practically changed the perception on my dance, my embrace, my posture... I know now what I am looking for in an embrace, and also what to try to give. After this experience I honestly think that all leaders should have one dance with him to fully understand his technique, his way :) The 'juicy stake' comparison didn't work much for me :P but the feeling I had in the embrace... it most certainly did work for me, I am lucky to have felt that. So the few tandas danced with Ronen were for me almost the equivalent of a private class (I'll see that the next time, cause I'll surely take one!). Not to mention the 'stupid', childish smile that stayed on my face two weeks after the festival... and still comes up once in a while :) I think I have been 'marked' for life :))

All of Ronen&Maya's workshops were full of energy - the kind that feeds you, makes you want more, uncensored information - Ronen explained his technique, Maya hers - as they are, not only bits and pieces for us to try to solve the puzzle. They both worked with us throughout the exercises. I was surprised to find out that Maya is a great leader too: she led me a volcada (in the volcada seminar) that most student-leaders can be jealous of :)

At the technique seminar I had the image of a scientist (actually two) dividing the atom into tiny partitions! :) Ronen&Maya were doing the same with the basics of tango - revealing! Cause as we learn so many things in tango along the time, we so easily forget the most important thing: the basic, the atom. And if we don't go back to that from time to time, the dance becomes artificial. So we have to learn the naturalness of it all over again.

The musicality seminar was another one that will stay for a long time in my mind. This was the moment when leaders - and not only! - should have had all their ears with them! Ronen put into words all the feelings he has and creates/gives while dancing... It was like an ABC of his way to tango. And if you ask me (although I'm guessing many more followers and leaders will say the same) - it's a pretty good way!! Hope the leaders took all that they could take out of that class :) I remember a leader once kept saying that man here need a good, experienced leader to teach them how to tango (technique and feeling combined) before we can grow more as a community. He was right - we do need that here. And I think that if he came to Ronen's classes, he would have begged him to stay longer :)

Ronen&Maya's workshops

We also had a premiere this year: the 2 teaching couples giving a class together! It was a first and a success, too!! I was impressed that though they met here - I mean they didn't know each other before TTF 2010 (Ronen&Maya with Gonzalo&Solange), they made a fantastic team :) Considering the number of students attending the seminar - Ganchos and Boleos Technique - 4 instructors were as handy as they could be! And they were present between us, correcting us, helping us, showing us, laughing with us and completing each other in the most pleasant way. I know I might be repeating myself: GREAT PEOPLE! :-D So, four's a team indeed!!

Ronen&Maya and Gonzalo&Solange's workshop

Gonzalo and Solange were the expression of tenderness - in tango, and all the fun there can be - in milonga :) I loved seeing them dance, the way he seemed to play with the movements, the music and her 'waiting moments', the way she looked at him as if to try to read the next movement in his eyes. The smile on her face - a bit innocent and yet so sparkly - whenever he surprised her with a step :) And the milonga! Genuine good time, small and quick steps combined with longer ones - breathing time, enjoying the music on a quarter of the dance floor :) I felt like watching a really talented painter drawing really fast a comic, yet kind of romantic painting on the floor! Just as - the same painter - was softly saying either a romantic, or a sad, or a sweet story when Gonzalo was leading Solange's steps while dancing the tango. You know, as the guys from Otros Aires say in 'Los Vino': 'su abrazo en mis manos era un pincel y la pista un lienzo' ('her embrace in my hands was a brush and the dance floor a painting').

Gonzalo&Solange also 'divided the atom' in the Sacada Technique seminar :) Another revelation for me! The structure they gave us was built of the most simple and natural concepts of body movements to lead us to the sacada. And all the information combined with the hints of musicality and posture, I think it was priceless - as they say :))

Their most energizing seminar was the last one: Milonga. We weren't expecting much from us - I mean from us, the students. Cause usually at the end of such an event people are really tired and the energy is low... but, surprise! Gonzalo&Solange made the class so much fun and full of energy that it kept us going until late in the milonga too :-D The structure, or the couple of structures were not very complicated, but they were on the music!! And in milonga that's the big matter, since the music is fast and the steps have to keep up without feeling as after a marathon when it's over. That is actually the great part of the milonga: to enjoy the fun in dancing it, and not try to step each beat and feel like a hunted fox at the end :)) And since Gonzalo&Solange are from there (Argentine) I'm guessing they know the essence of this well enough :)

Gonzalo&Solange's workshops

This last thought made me remember the demos of the 2 couples: absolutely superb performances! And since they asked not to be presented in speech before the demos, I'll just let you enjoy the videos as well. One comment I feel to make: it's a whole lot different when you're there! So much is lost in a video - feeling and energy too... But it's still worth watching!! :)

Ronen&Maya and Gonzalo&Solange - Grand Milonga Demo

And all the other beautiful dances performed by them at www.youtube.com

And because we are grateful to all the teachers from Romania who stood by us - Studio tango 'Nada Mas' - along the years (even before being a Studio :P), they have a special moment in the Grand Milonga also. Performing at Grand Milonga: Nana & Laurentiu, Augustin & Oana, Oana & Horia and our very own Doina & Dan:

Romanian Teachers' demo @ Grand Milonga

There were 4 nights for 4 great Milongas, we all enjoyed it and danced till dawn and let me say that the dance floor was not a minute without tango steps on it. I want to thank our DJ - Claudiu - for the outstanding inspiration in keeping us going with beautiful tandas! Thank you Clau! This also goes for the music at both Guerillas!

It was wonderful to see so many tangueros from all over Romania and the world here in Brasov :) Thank you all for being at Transylvania Tango Fest this year and we're looking forward to see you again next year :)

Let's not forget the already famous brand present at the Festival: La Sastresa - tango ware. See more at http://lasastresa.blogspot.com

A very big thank you to all those who took time out of their own to help out!

And the biggest thanks and hug and congrats to DOINA! We did it again, girl!! :))

All in all, I stay with my feeling: I am in love!

Until next time, keep you posted!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Transylvania Tango Fest 2010 - first Guerilla Milonga!

TTF2010 has begun with an amazing Guerilla Milonga in Piata Sfatului
Really great people, really great energy and atmosphere! :)

Pictures on facebook :)

So, let's do it again tonight at 8.30pm! Same place, same fun - or more! :)

But before that, the first 2 seminars of the Festival are the target:
5.00-6.30: 'TanGo Feeling ' with Gonzalo & Solange
6.30-8.00: 'Tango Me Plenty' with Ronen & Maya

See u tonight!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Transylvania Tango Fest 2010, 3rd edition: 8-11 of July

We would like to invite you to join us at Transylvania Tango Fest 2010!

The festival is just around the corner and we are getting super excited!!!
The third edition will take place in Brasov City, Romania, between
8th and 11th of July.
( http://www.tangobrasov.ro/TTF10-guerilla-milonga.php )

Guest Teachers:
Gonzalo Orihuela & Solange Chapperon (BsAs, Argentina)
Ronen Khayat & Maya Schwartz (USA/ Israel)

Festival's theme: Tango - Mirror of Life! (PhotoExpo)

9 workshops (for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced)
4 Milongas @ Aro Palace Hotel Brasov
2 “Guerilla Milonga” – in the City Center
4 Showcase (Gonzalo&Solange, Ronen&Maya and tango teachers from Romania)
Tanguero's Dinner @Aro Palace (10EUR/person)
PhotoExpo: “Tango –Mirror of life”
Shoes and tango shoe bags for sell
“Assassination Tango” workshop (boleo and gancho technique) – will be held of both couples: Gonzalo&Solange and Ronen&Maya. Duration of workshop: 2hrs.
6 seminare+2 Milongas = 80EUR

- 3 workshop = 40EUR
- 6 workshops +2 Milongas = 80EUR
- 9 workshops = 110 EUR
- 4 Milongas Pass = 25 EUR
Details on: http://www.tangobrasov.ro/TTF10-program-and-registration.php

- 31EUR/NIGHT/ROOM (2&3 stars Residence) to
- 94EUR/night/room (5 stars Hotel Aro Palace)
Please check out the accommodation options on:

Great locations and rooms for workshops and Milongas in the City Center of Brasov!
See the pictures of the locations on: http://www.tangobrasov.ro/TTF10-locations.php

For any other informations please do not hesitate to contact us by:
Email: info@tangobrasov.ro or corina@tangobrasov.ro
Phone: (0040) 729.123.555- Corina Raduta

See you here :)
Transylvania Tango Fest' Team
Studio Tango Nada Mas

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tango Weekend la Brasov, 12 - 13 iunie 2010: Augustin si Oana alaturi de Studio Tango 'Nada Mas'

Studio Tango 'Nada Mas' va invita din nou la TANGO ARGENTINIAN, de data aceasta alaturi de Augustin Paun si Oana Ispir de la Tango Brujo din Bucuresti.

Sambata, 12 iunie 2010
S1: 14.00-15.30 - Sistem paralel si crusado, legaturi intre sisteme, posibilitati de intrare si iesire din cros
S2: 16.00-17.40 - Variatia de inaltime, stopiru, rotiri cu planeo

21.00-02.00 - Milonga 'Nada Mas'

Duminica, 13 iunie 2010
S3: 14.00-15.30 - Constructia dansului, miscari liniare si circulare, combinatii ritmice

Locatie seminare: Liceul 'Aprily Lajos' - Sala festiva, Corpul C (Str. Dupa ziduri nr.3)
Locatie milonga: Hotel Aro Palace - Salonul Alb

1 seminar = 25 lei
Milonga = 20 lei
Pachet = 80 lei (3 seminare + milonga)

Email: info@tangobrasov.ro
Telefon: 0729.123.555

Va asteptam cu drag!
Studio Tango 'Nada Mas'

Thursday, 20 May 2010

1 an de Studio Tango 'Nada Mas' la Brasov: 15-16 mai 2010

Iacata ca am implinit 1 an! :)

Imi aduc aminte foarte bine inaugurarea scolii in 16 mai 2009! Imaginile spun multe!!

A fost un an plin! Plin de descoperiri, de prietenii via tango, de ocazii minunate de a colectiona amintiri, de 'pasiune si durere' - cum ii place Doinei (fondatoarea scolii) sa spuna :) Am trecut prin de toate, bune si mai putin bune (dar constructive :-D), toate frumoase si am crescut putin cate putin - in tango si nu numai.

Anul acesta ne-am bucurat de compania profesorilor de la Fabrica de Tango din Bucuresti: Lucia Marzan, Oana Avram si Mihai Rosu (http://www.fabricadetango.ro). Lucia a fost printre primii tanguero din tara care au sustinut lansarea proiectelor de tango ale Doinei la Brasov: Festivalul de Tango 'Dracula's Tango Celebration' din 2oo8 - primul festival de tango din Romania.

Seminarele pline de viata, umor si tehnica superba - atat leader, cat si follower - sustinute de Lucia impreuna cu Oana si Mihai ne-au animat tot weekendul. Iar dezlantuirea de 'forte' s-a vazut in Guerilla Milonga din Piata Sfatului si Milonga aniversara.

Poze de la Guerilla din 15 mai 2010: http://picasaweb.google.com/milongadebrasov

Poze de la Guerilla din 15 mai 2010 au fost facute si de Nana: http://picasaweb.google.com/lasastresa

Ne-am simtit foarte bine si multumim tuturor celor care au fost cu noi de-a lungul acestui an!

Povestea este spusa si de Nana (multumim, Nana!! :-*), atat in cuvinte, cat si in imagini superbe la http://lasastresa.blogspot.com.

Pana data viitoare, keep you posted!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tango la Brasov: 1 an de Studio Tango 'Nada Mas' - 15-16 mai 2010

Cu mare bucurie va invitam alaturi de noi la aniversarea unui an de cand Studio Tango 'Nada Mas' si-a deschis portile la Brasov!

Foto de la inaugurarea din 16 mai 2009:

Lucia Marzan, Oana Avram si Mihai Rosu (www.fabricadetango.ro)

Sambata, 15 mai 2010, vor avea loc 2 seminare si Milonga aniversara
S1: 14.00-15.30 - Tehnica pornind de la caminata (all levels)
S2: 16.00-17.30 - Giros cu sacadas (intermediari)
22.00-04.00 - Milonga aniversara - 1 an de Studio Tango "Nada Mas'

Duminica, 16 mai 2010, vor avea loc un seminar si o lectie gratuita
S3: 13.30-15.00 - Milonga Lisa. Concepte de baza in Milonga con Traspie
15.30-16.30 - Lectie demonstrativa, gratuita de tango argentinian

1 seminar = 25 lei
Milonga = 20 lei
Pachet = 80 lei (3 seminare + milonga)

seminare - Liceul 'Aprily Lajos' - Sala Festiva, Corpul C (str.Dupa Ziduri nr.3)
milonga - Pub Brick's (str.Eftimie Murgu nr.1, langa BRD)

email: info@tangobrasov.ro
telefon: 0729.123.555 - Corina Raduta

Detaliile evenimentului pe www.tangobrasov.ro

Va asteptam cu drag!
Studio Tango "Nada Mas'

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Studio Tango 'Nada Mas' va invita in 20-21 martie 2010 la un TANGO WEEKEND cu Andrei si Andreea (AyA Tango Bucuresti)

Pentru cei care isi amintesc de un... 'Halloween Tango PartY Nada Mas'... cred ca nu as avea multe de spus, in afara de Andrei si Andreea revin la Brasov... :):):)

Pentru cei care nu stiu despre ce vorbim.. aveti link-ul la postul de atunci si la pozele aferente - ca sa va faceti o idee si sa nu ezitati - VENITI! Merita!

Programul weekend-ului 20-21 martie:

Sambata, 20 martie 2010
14.00-15.30 - S1: Circularitate - dinamica punctului de referinta al cuplului in timpul dansului (toate nivelurile)
16.00-17.30 - S2: Ritm, melodie si compozitie (toate nivelurile)

22.00-04.00 - Milonga 'Nada Mas' (petrecere cu demo-ul profesorilor invitati)

Duminica, 21 martie 2010
12.00-13.30 - S3: Tehnica de dans pentru fete - cu Andreea (toate nivelurile)
14.00-15.30 - S4: Milonga - cum preparam si condimentam milonga pornind de la o baza de lucru (intermediari)

Seminare - Liceul 'Aprily Lajos' - Sala Festiva, Corpul C (str. Dupa Ziduri, nr.3)
Milonga - Pub 'Brick's' (str. Eftimie Murgu, nr.1 - langa BRD)

1 semiar = 25 lei
milonga = 20 lei (fructe si snacks din partea casei)
pachet = 100 lei (4 seminare + milonga)

Email - info@tangobrasov.ro / corina@tangobrasov.ro
Telefon - 0729.123.555 - Corina Raduta

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Studio Tango 'Nada Mas'

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Milonga 'Nada Mas' @ Hotel ARO PALACE - vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Studio Tango 'Nada Mas'
va invita la inaugurare: Milonga 'Nada Mas' @ ARO PALACE!

In fiecare luna, in ultima vineri, sunteti invitati sa dansati TANGO ARGENTINIAN intr-o locatie eleganta si o atmosfera feerica in Salonul Alb al Hotelului Aro Palace, Brasov.

Va asteptam pe toti la prima Milonga 'Nada Mas'@ Aro Palace: vineri - 26 februarie 2010, de la ora 21.00 - in Salonul Alb.

Intrare: 20 lei (in care este inclusa consumatie de 10 lei - de la barul/bucataria Aro)

Dress-code: be in tango style!
Heart-code: be in tango mood!
Code: just be there!!

Pe vineri! :-)

Monday, 1 February 2010

13-14 februarie 2010 - Premiera la Brasov: Marcela Trape & Mario Ferraro aduc din Argentina conceptul BAM!

Cand am inceput sa dansez tango am experimentat o situatie cu care, poate, v-ati intalnit si unii dintre voi: dureri de spate, de coloana... Le aveam inainte sa incep sa dansez! Insa nu ma asteptam sa se intensifice... De ce? Simplu: nu stiam sa stau, sa calc, sa ma 'port' in dans (si poate nu numai) conform cu mecanica naturala a corpului meu. Pentu mine tangoul a fost revelatia naturaletei ! Iar coloana si-a gasit si ea postura naturala (si nedureroasa!). Am descoperit pe bucatele acest concept, am avut mici revelatii de-a lungul unui an de tango, am intuit doar aceasta latura pana acum...

Nu stiam ca exista oameni care, intelegand lucrul acesta, l-au pus in vorbe si practica si-l spun si altora :) Marcela Trape face aceste lucruri de peste 20 de ani! Iar acum ne face o vizita la noi acasa - la Brasov!! Asa ca ma gandesc sa iau revelatia intreaga de la ea :)

Cursurile pe care ni le pregatesc Marcela si Mario sunt:
- pentru toti cei care - in activitatea lor artistica, profesionala sau doar de hobby - se exprima prin miscari ale corpului (dansatori, actori, performeri... oricine doreste, dealtfel);
- pentru toti cei care cred ca stiu ce inseamna constientizarea mecanicii corpului;
- pentru toti cei care nu stiau pana acum ca a constientiza lucrurile banale, pe care le luam ca atare, este un prim pas spre naturalete si confort in orice miscare;
- pentru toti cei care cauta si acum postura, axa, confortul etc in tango;
- pentru toti!

Mai multe informatii despre conceptul BAM (Body Awareness Method) pe: http://bamgotangoinromania.blogspot.com/

Va invit pe toti sa va lasati surprinsi! :)

Seminarele vor avea loc sambata si duminica, 13-14 februarie 2010. Toate detaliile despre continutul seminarelor le gasiti pe:

Liceul 'Aprily Lajos', Sala Festiva - corpul C (str. Dupa Ziduri, nr.3)

1 seminar - 60 lei/persoana
Discount Full Pass (5 seminare) - 250 lei
Milonga - 25 lei
Ora privata cu Marcela si Mario - 50 eur

Email - info@tangobrasov.ro
Telefon: 0720.482.205

Va asteptam cu drag!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tango Weekend la Brasov: 23-24 Ianuarie 2010!

Studio Tango Nada Mas Brasov va invita sambata - 23 ianuarie si duminica - 24 ianuarie 2010 la tango argentinian: cea de-a X-a editie lunara a proiectului 'Tango - bucuria de a dansa in doi'!

In cadrul acestei editii vor avea loc 3 seminare de tango argentinian destinate tuturor nivelurilor de participanti - incepatori si intermediari, iar seara de la ora 22.00 - petrecerea lunara Milonga de Brasov 'Nada Mas'.

Profesori invitati: Alexandru Nuca si Nadina Cazan (Bucuresti)

Alex: 'Indragostit de muzica inca din copilarie, m-am intalnit cu tangoul la inceputul secolului XXI (tarzior ar zice unii...) si de atunci il urmez fascinat in pasi de dans si cantand la bandoneon'
Nana: 'Intr-o toamna am ajuns la o lectie de tango... si n-am mai plecat... tot acolo sunt...'
Alex si Nana: 'Emotiile traite dansand impreuna pe muzica de tango au debordat si iata-ne impartasindu-va cate ceva despre muzica, imbratisare, imbratisare, imbratisare...'

Si toate acestea pentru ca 'Tangoul, emotie distilata in muzica, aduce la nivel de arta comunicarea, in una din cele mai inalte forme de exprimare ale ei: imbratisarea.'


Sambata, 23 ianuarie 2010
S1 14.00-15.30 - Close Embrace: Stilul milonguero - maniere de imbratisare; aplicatii ale contrapozitiei; elemente de stabililtate a cuplului
S2 16.00-17.30 - Muzicalitate: Transpunerea muzicii in emotii si in dans - semnale intre orchestre si dansatori; interpretarea diferitelor tempouri ale muzicii
22.00-04.00 - Milonga de Brasov 'Nada Mas' (snacks si fructe din partea casei!)

Duminica, 24 ianuarie 2010
S3 13.30-15.00 - Caminar (mersul de baza): Tehnici de pornire si oprire - cum sa dam greutate dansului; cum sa dansam usor si jucaus

*Toate seminarele sunt destinate atat dansatorilor de nivel incepator, cat si de nivel intermediar

Locatia seminarelor: Liceul 'Aprily Lajos' Brasov, Sala festiva (Corpul C) - str. Dupa Ziduri nr.3
Locatie Milonga: Bistro-Restaurant 'Bonanzza' - str.Zizinului nr.3, colt cu str.Toamnei

1 Seminar - 25 lei
Milonga - 20 lei
Pachet - 80 lei (3 seminare + Milonga)

Email: info@tangobrasov.ro - inscrieri
Telefon: 0720.482.205

Data limita pentru inscrieri: Vineri, 22 ianuarie 2010

Va asteptam cu drag!
Doina, Nana si Alex

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mandala Milonga - Alex y Nana - Bucuresti, 9 ianuarie 2010

Mandala... in multe traditii spirituale reflecta delimitarea unui spatiu sacru si confera usurinta in meditatie. David Fontana spune despre mandala ca ajuta 'la atingerea progresiva a unor niveluri profunde ale subconstientului [...], la experimentarea unui sens mistic al unicitatii prin unitatea care a creat cosmosul'. Iar psihologul Carl Jung credea ca mandala este 'reprezentarea EU-lui subconstient'. Acceptiunea generala este ca mandala simbolizeaza un microcosmos vazut din perspectiva umana...

Nimic mai adevarat! Si cand spun asta ma gandesc la milonga din 9 ianuarie de la Mandala :-) Perfect match! Din mai multe puncte de vedere... Ce inseamna tangoul daca nu un microcosmos vazut din perspectiva umana? Atunci cand suntem capabili sa ne 'abandonam' cu totul unul altuia in dans, nu experimentam unicitatea prin unitate recreand - la nivel subconstient - un intreg cosmos? Din punctul meu de vedere, milonga la Mandala a fost o experienta deosebita!

Asadar, s-o luam cu inceputul! Compania 'Avantul Brasov' :-) s-a pus in miscare de la auzul vestii ca Nana organizeaza milonga si ca Alex este sarbatoritul zilei. EU-rile noastre subconstiente stiau deja ca totul era parte dintr-un plan al unei vointe superioare :-) Iar noi aveam sa aflam - constient - toate detaliile acestui plan ceva mai tarziu. Organizatorii aveau cativa asi pe maneca si nu i-au scos la bataie decat dupa tort... Shmecherii!! :P Dar despre asta, putin mai tarziu...

Locul recrearii microcosmosului - clubul Mandala - s-a dovedit a fi un spatiu excelent pentru redarea fidela a gandului ca tangoul este reprezentarea vietii insasi... Si pentru ca subconstientul sa fie eliberat mai usor, am inceput seara cu vin fiert (complimente bucatarului - ca sa zic asa - caci de multa vreme n-am mai baut un vin fiert asa de bun!)

S-a strans lume multa, multa... Spatiul a devenit neincapator - intocmai cum spun 'miturile' ca se danseaza tangoul in BsAs... Sa dansezi tango cu partenerul strans aproape de tine, sa dansezi pentru sentimentul creat de si in acea imbratisare, sa dansezi intre celelalte perechi din jur care sunt, la randul lor, fiecare in parte, cate un univers in miniatura, sa dansezi... Ce poate fi mai frumos??

Inainte de miezul noptii s-a intrerupt aceasta vraja pentru a o oferi unui singur om - sarbatoritului, Alex Nuca! Tort, cantat, dansat, pozat, cadou-at :P tot tacamul pentru celebrarea unui om deosebit in sufletele noastre! Inca o data, retro - dar din toata inima - La Multi Ani!!

Ei si apoi... cand credeam cu totii ca vom reintra in lumea mistica a dansului... din nou surpriza! Anunt important: Nana si Alex pun bazele unei noi scoli de tango! Din nou ma duc cu gandul la 'mandala' si la toate semnificatiile ei si imi vine in minte ideea ca nimic nu e 'intamplator' :-) Mult succes!! Nana - experienta, tehnica, creatia. Alex - muzica, arta, ritmul. Unicitate in unitate... mandala... mai spune ceva! :-)

O seara deosebita, dupa cum spuneam, o seara in care toate piesele puzzle-lui au fost la locul lor, o seara cu multa caldura sufleteasca si mult tango, o seara pe gustul oricarui tanguero... :-)