Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Transylvania Tango Fest 2011 - TanGo with Feeling!

We are getting closer by the day: July 28th-31st!

If last year I was saying that 'three is a charm', this fourth edition is designed to be the hit of tango festivals so far, made by Studio Tango 'Nada Mas'.

We welcome you with an assisted Practica by the one couple that had as from 'hello' last year, too: Ronen&Maya :). After that...

... so many appealing things in a light structure were specially created for you, tangueros from all over the 'tangosphere' :)

- 4 days of tango mixed with fresh mountain air!

- 7 seminars with incredible teachers - Ronen&Maya, El Flaco Dany&Lucia Mirzan

- adrenaline in Parc Aventura (http://www.parc-aventura.ro/)
- Guerilla Milongas in Piata Sfatului (I know so many of you are expecting it dearly)
- surprise Guerilla Milonga :)
- Milonga nights @ Cetate Brasov (again, something I know you are looking forward to!)
- the first Canyengue seminar in Romania - held by the one and only maestro El Flaco Dany with Lucia Mirzan (see video: www.tangobrasov.ro)
- exhibition of paintings and graphics: 'TanGo with Feeling' - by Iulian Mita

... and the most important ingredient: the people! Those of you who were part of TTF 2010 or 2009 are already familiar with the atmosphere in Brasov :) You know what I mean, right? And those of you who come for the first time - expect the best, cause the best is expecting you! ;)

So let's Tango with feeling together! :)

Find all the details in our new site - www.tangobrasov.ro: great prices for workshops and packages, also for accommodations, info on locations, on program etc

See you in Brasov!!